I Put It Out There

Following on from the last post……

I went on to expose myself in a public place.  Not that I whipped off my old lady clothes and ran down the street naked, no, it was worse than that.

This novel of mine has been rumbling on for years and I have made vague comments about it, to my closest friends. It’s like one of those endless scarves you knit as a child,  or was that just me?  

Friends know you are doing it, and occasionally ask how it’s going, but it’s the not the most riveting of topics.

I decided to use strangers as my guinea pigs, before inflicting my work on friends. Wise decision, as it turned out, as I was mauled.

The stitches of my scarf unravelled as they pulled it apart line by line.  My precious bits of prose were decimated, my characters pilloried.

They made me see it with fresh eyes and they were all so right.  Six critiques so far and they have all found different holes and errors.

I have completely revised the first chapter, the experience has been invaluable.  My knitting needles have been adjusted.

 It’s all there on Scribophile.  If you are not familiar with the site, I fervently recommend it.  You gain points by critiquing other works and when you have sufficient, you post your darlings and wait for the fall out.   It’s brilliant.  If you already subscribe,  or decide to join, say hello to me on there.

Meet and Greet: 7/14/17

Let’s all have a big group hug.

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the bimonthly Meet and Greet everyone!!  Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!  

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See ya on Monday!!

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I’m Putting It Out There

There comes a time for us fledgling authors to take a leap into the unknown and show our writing to a willing victim.

For someone who’s aim is to take the publishing world by storm, (in your dreams, girl), I have been strangely reluctant to do so.

I can only attribute this to basic insecurity. But is that not the trait of us all, despite the bluster we muster?

We are all beasts of contradiction. My ego is as big as a house, disguised under a layer of self deprecation, but at the same time, perhaps I am nothing special and will fail to sparkle.

What if my writing is no good, or worse, is actively bad? My ego tells me it compares favourably with works in my genre. Reality says, ‘Think again, hot shot.’

I have shown no-one my fiction so far, even though I am on chapter 19. It’s time to take that leap though, as I need to know my weaknesses, shatter those delusions and move forward to conquer.

On Gifts

The Death Project

When I first received this diagnosis, I also received a gift. (No, I will not offend anyone who is suffering directly or indirectly from cancer—or any other misfortune—to suggest that cancer itself is the gift. Cancer is just shitty luck, which any of us can get no matter what good or bad choices we’ve made in our lives. And I would so gladly give it back if I could!) The gift I received, virtually at the same moment as the diagnosis, was acceptance. (I’m calling it a gift because it was just suddenly there for me.) This gift has proved incredibly valuable. It has meant I have been freed from a range of difficult emotions and reactions one might expect with a terminal diagnosis. Most wonderfully, it has meant no anger, denial, desperation, or despair. I have also been most blessedly free of depression, fear, anxiety, and bitterness. This is…

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Double Dip

Hats off to those who blog about writing and make it both interesting and relevant. What a challenge that is.  If I ever finish my novel, there may be something to contribute, but until then, It’s just going to be the odd limerick or two.

Continuing the theme of confection, here we go…

Bubblegum Boy

A greedy boy loved bubblegum

Until it got stuck in his tum

He fell to his knees

Gave one mighty squeeze

And it shot right out of his bum

Miss Whippy

A young lady loved walnut whips

But they only lasted two licks

As she opened her jaw

All the men were in awe

And said, “does she do other tricks?”

Lousy Limericks 2

I’ve moved on from sheep and cows to the hazards of sweets.

Sticky Sheets

There was a girl who Stole sweets

And hid them inside her sheets

One morning she woke

And this is no joke

Her hair was stuck to her feets


Blow Up Rhoda

There was a young girl named Rhoda

Who loved American Soda

She emitted a cough

Got lost in the froth

That soda it did implode her

Pips On Her Hips

A young lady ate sherbet pips

With no thought at all to her hips

A mouth of decay

Was soon on its way

And now she’s the size of two ships